84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester

84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester

Tensile Tester (Horizontal)


The NEW model 84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester combines a modern contemporary look with a robust mechanical design and new improved electronics including a color touch screen and user-friendly interface. The menus are interactive and the large buttons are designed for easy access.

he main results, i.e. force, strain, strength, T.E.A and tensile stiffness including the rolling average of force and strain, are presented on the color touch screen after each test.

The new clamp design allows handling of test pieces up to 3 inches (75mm) wide, suitable for measuring paper tissue. To ensure that the test piece is perfectly aligned, different guides are available, which can be replaced by the operator if another test width is required.

As an option, the instrument can be adapted for testing wet strength of paper tissue according to ISO 12625-5. There is a water container available that can be placed between the clamps. If the wet test option is selected in the menu, the software will allow the operator to select the soaking time in seconds. A sensor detects if the water container has been placed in position and the wet tensile test sequence automatically will be performed.


  • Test statistics generated at the push of a button
  • Overload-protected load cell
  • Auto return after test complete
  • Graph after test complete
  • USB/RS232 serial data output
  • Wet test option at 100mm clamping length
  • Multi-language standard
  • Test speed 10-200 mm/min (0.2-8.0 in/min)
  • Load cell ranges 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1000N
  • Easy-to-load air-operated test clamps
  • Clamping lengths 50-180 mm
  • Specimen width 0.5 in., 15mm, 25mm, 1 in., 50mm, 2 in., 75mm and 3 in.
  • Menu driven pre-selection of parameters and infra-red sample detection


Tensile testing is the most widely used method for indicating the serviceability of many materials including Paper, Board, Tissue Paper and Non-wovens.

Tensile Energy Absorption (T.E.A.) indicates the durability of papers which are subjected to repetitive straining and stressing. The Horizontal Tensile Tester offers menu driven pre-selection of parameters and optical sample detection for effortless testing.

The tensile measurement aids in assessing the suitability of a product for its end use and close relationship between tensile strain and fiber bonding serve to make this a very important test.


  • Load cells: 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1000N (0.5% of full range, or within 0.5N, whichever is greater for all load cells)
  • Test speed: 0.2-8.0 in./min. (10-200 mm/min.)
  • Clamping length: 50 – 180 mm
  • Sample width: 0.5 in., 15mm, 25mm, 1 in., 50mm, 2 in., 75mm and 3 in.
  • Results:
    – Metric and imperial units
    – Max. force (rolling average)
    – Strain at break (rolling average)
    – Strength
    – Tensile energy absorption
    – Tensile stiffness
    – Elongation (statistics)
    – Indexed results (statistics)
    – E-modulus (statistics)
    – Breaking length (statistics)
    – Mean value (statistics)
    – Min./max. value (statistics)
    – Standard deviation (statistics)
    – Coefficient of variation (statistics)
    – Graphic presentation of last test
  • Options:
    – Wet tensile test
    – GraphMaster™ software
  • Power: 100V – 240V / 50Hz/60Hz