Machine stops should be as short as possible; hence paper machine clothing must be installed as quickly as possible. The Capto helps to achieve that. The Capto puller gives the operators the ease and comfort necessary to do the job more safely, quicker, and with less effort.

Improve safety

Handling of paper maching clothing (PMC) during a machine stop can be a hard job. The Feltest Capto pullers help making the installation of paper machine clothing a safer job. 

Safer for the operators, safer for the expensive and delicate fabrics.

Developed for the paper industry

Just like the measuring instruments of Feltest, the Capto clamp is developed for paper industry by people from the paper industry.

The Capto is self-latching and will never fall of the fabric. Don’t climb into the machine but use the Capto with a robe. Releasing the Capto is a one handed operation and always easy to do.

The Capto will keep its clamping strength on wet fabrics, is always easy to release and it withstands spray water, dust and corrosion.