High Speed Inking Unit 4

High Speed Inking Unit 4

Ultra-fast inking unit for the intensive user. IGT Testing Systems presents the highly sophisticated inking unit for offset inks, the IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4 with temperature control and fast, programmable ink distribution methods.


The unit was developed for users who are looking for ways to conduct fast inking under tightly controlled conditions. The IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4 is an ultra-fast inking unit which can be used to ink a maximum of 4 printing discs simultaneously.

The technical design of this inking unit enables the user to reduce the total inking time to 15 s. The unit is computer controlled and all settings as well as the operating instructions can be read off the display.

The operating temperature of the IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4 may be between 15 and 45°C. This is particularly important at the high distribution speed which generates heat, affecting tack and viscosity of the inks and consequently the test results. The temperature is controlled by means of an external thermostatic water bath, which can be used to either heat or cool the unit. The thermostatic water bath is part of the standard delivery.