Color Touch® PC

Color Touch® PC

With swing-in calibration, primary calibration, Color Touch® PC software, sample viewing, and optional equipment, the Color Touch® PC boasts functionality that is far beyond standard color evaluation. 

  • Samples may be measured under 4 different calibrated light sources or 2 user defined sources.
  • Device is capable of sampling whiteness under different fluorescing conditions.
  • Color data may be calculated with 6 color spaces, 10 illuminants and 2 observers.
  • The Color Touch® PC software provides setup flexibility to allow customer specific data presentations.

​ Meets the following industry standards:
ISO Standards 12625-7, 12625-15, 12625-16, 2470-1, 2470-2, 5631-1, 5631-2, 5631-3
TAPPI Optical Methods T519, T525, T527, T534, T560
PAPTAC E.1, E.2, E.5, E.8